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3 definitions by Freddy J Barrett

an obsticle of frustration and difficulty in the attempt to remove a lady's undergarments.
Dude 1: So how did last night go?

Dude 2: ... I had a little brablem.
by Freddy J Barrett October 19, 2003
a hybrid organism of both plant and animal nature
The planimal moved boul after its morning meal of water and photosynthesis.
by Freddy J Barrett October 15, 2003
adj., unpleasant, full of bad luck, accusatory, and disregardful
Acronym for SO UTTERLY XACHETH. So and Utterly are used in conjunction to emphasize the Xacheth-ness.
Ecology major drop-out to Rich freshman scapegoat driving Hummer-h2: Your S.U.V. S.U.X.
Freshman to Drop-out: Get a job Sko.
by Freddy J Barrett October 31, 2003