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1. The most populous city in the state of Missouri.

2. The third most populous city in the state of Kansas.

3. Two separate cities have the name Kansas City.
I'm going to Kansas City.
Which one?
by Fred the Wolf August 12, 2005
The second most populous city in the state of Kansas. Located in Johnson County, in the northeastern quadrant of the state. Major highways include I-35, I-435, and US 69. Corporate headquarters of Sprint, Applebee's Restaurants, and Yellow Transportation. Home of Johnson County Community College. Features two shopping malls, a convention center, an arboretum, and several mini malls, strip malls, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, office buildings, and parks. Proud to be one of the safest cities in the United States. A pleasant place to live.
Wanna to go Overland Park?
Sure. What do you wanna do there?
Let's go to the mall.
Sounds good. I'll drive.
by Fred the Wolf July 17, 2005
A period that lasts between two weeks and infinity.
Your submission is under review by editors. Bookmark this page to see the results of the review.
by Fred the Wolf May 01, 2006
A clever invention by polar bears to disguise their presence.
You see those palm trees over there? Don't be fooled! There's really polar bears around here. They don't fool me!
by Fred the Wolf November 27, 2005
A place where I write stupid things because I think I'm funny.
Have you seen his Urban Dictionary definition for "palm trees?" He thinks they were invented by polar bears. What an idiot!
by Fred the Wolf November 27, 2005
What one says after the awkward pause that follows his or her having said something incredibly stupid and usually unfunny. Can be substituted with "I was joking."
We oughta burn down the public library and build a giant casino because that would balance the budget. *Awkward pause.* That was a joke.
by Fred the Wolf November 27, 2005
A big-box store, such as Wal-Mart and Target. Often specializes in one-stop shopping. Partially responsible for urban sprawl and the downfall of shopping malls.
I do all my shopping at the mart-shaped box.
by Fred the Wolf August 12, 2005
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