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1: The anxiety felt when downloading something within a set time limit. Anxiety increases according to the formula


2: The fear of a download failing, especially for very large downloads. In this case, anxiety increases the closer a download is to completion.

Symptoms of download anxiety include: Uncontrollable monitoring of the download; Refraining from doing anything else on the computer for fear of interrupting the download; Inability to concentrate on anything not related to downloading; and other more general anxiety symptoms.
1: My class finished at 6:30, but I was trying to download Rocky Balboa. It was real download anxiety time.

2: Person 1) My movie was almost finished downloading, and I couldn't keep my eyes off the progress bar. My heart was racing at a mile a minute.
Person 2) Sounds like you had some serious download anxiety.
by Fred Invisible November 05, 2010
A sore toe, generally an ingrown toenail, which is a huge weakness to the owner. In any fight, if someone steps on your Achilles Toe, you've lost.
I had A stub in the dark last night, so now I can't let anyone know about my Achilles Toe.
by Fred Invisible October 23, 2010
When walking somewhere you often walk in the dark, you stub your toe on something which is not usually there, or was only recently put there.
I had a stub in the dark last night, when I got up to go to the toilet and stubbed my toe on the coffee table which my girlfriend had moved earlier that the day.
by Fred Invisible October 23, 2010
Adding or contributing a small (usually unnecessary) bit extra.
When John decided to help out the cleaning by taking away his rubbish from lunch, he was just adding pennies to the pile.
by Fred Invisible October 23, 2010

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