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Unlike all other Immigrants, particularly to Australia, The Leb ( Lebanese) is unable and unwilling to integrate into society and mix with others.

Despite the flawed belief they are of superior intelligence and social status, the typical Leb is in fact uneducated, ignorant in the extreme, exhibits profound cowardice and has highly questionable ( if any at all) personal hygiene.

The Leb holds a unique position in Australian (if not most) society for being universally despised and hated by all other races and nationalities.

The Leb is easily Spotted as being Loud, aggressive, of low brain function and intelligence, Ugly, hairy, of foul odor and typically unemployed.

They are typically highly oversexed ( in contrast to their intelligence level) and due to enforcing all sorts of oppressive and neanderthal regulations and restrictions on their own women, resort to rape of women of other cultures.

Always ready with a lie and fabricated excuse, even their religious leaders will try to appropriate blame on the women for not covering themselves up in an attempt to disguise themselves from the Animalistic rabid dog desires of the males who are without the capability of basic self control.

Preferred Habitat is McDonalds car-parks and hanging around shopping centres causing trouble and drawing attention to themselves.

While seldom spoken of, facts show that Lebs represent a disproportionate number of Jail inmates in relation to the overall percentage of their numbers in Society.
Lebs are Easily found in fast food outlet car parks and shopping centres as well as unemployment and social security benefit lines.
by Fred Flintstone11 September 01, 2010

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