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hobo Slide |ˈhōˌbō - slīd|
noun ( pl. -boes or -bos)
verb ( past slid |slid|) intrans.
accidentally sliding on a homeless persons feces on a sidewalk or public place; an act that brings one closer to being a hobo.
trans. move along a surface on feces in such a way : she slid on the crap on the sidewalk.
• change gradually to a worse condition or lower level : the countries economy is on a hobo slide: he grew a beard and has holes in his shirt, he's on a hobo slide.
ORIGIN early 21st cent.: an Indian girl in San Francisco muttered the words to a friend as she attempted to eat ice cream.
let something slide negligently allow something to deteriorate : The dude had tape on his glasses, he's on a hobo slide.
by Frankybobanky April 20, 2009

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