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This move is a combination of the well known Dirty Sanchez, Strawberry shortcake, Abe Lincoln and the Donkey Punch along with some "squating". Preferably, this move should be done at partner's parents house, while they are present, but in a different part of house.

This complicated yet effective maneuver involves the following:
1)Get head.
2)While getting head before you splooge, punch your partner directly in the mouth.
3)Splooge in her mouth, she will now have a combination of splooge and blood, resembling a strawberry shortcake.
4) Now your partner snowballs you and you fuck her in the ass.
5)Then, you pull out, spit the shortcake onto her back.
6) She'll turn around. you then proceed to punch her in the face, preferably in the eye or nose, (nose bleads easier, which will come in handy for the next step) until she passes out.
7)Then while she's stunned, skeet all over her face. (Again another strawberry shortcake)
8)Proceed to piss all over your partner's unconscious body, while singing Battle hymn of the Republic.
9)Shave pubes and throw all over partner's bloody, spoogey face.
10)Shit on partner where 27.268% of the shit falls in her mouth. And the remaining 72.732% needs to fall on her body.
11)Call her parents into the room. Tell them its "Super Important"
12)When they enter the room, proceed to splooge on them.
13)Then have partner claim it was their idea when they reach consciousness.

PS Dont forget to take pictures, for these will come in handy. Put them all over the internet.
Bob: Oh man, i gave Sally such a Dirty Strawberry Cotsquat last night!

Jim: There must have been shit all over the place!

Bob: Yep.
by Frankie Salomon July 06, 2006

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