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Post-ramble is the portion of the Constitution that nobody really pays attention to, while also seeming to drag on to no end. Besides having been altered numerous times, the post-ramble takes a back seat to the more heatedly debated Bill of Rights, and other amendments, as well as the Preamble.
Bob: Did you know that at one time, Black people were considered 3/5 of a person?

Ted: Yes, but it doesn't matter anyway. First, that was amended, and secondly, it was in the Post-ramble, so it isn't like it would really be discussed.
by Frank Earnest June 16, 2011
Google Beta is version of google that only nerds or techies are aware of. Google Beta is pointless, and most 'normal' people switch to normal google since Google Beta just screws everything up. Google Beta should be eliminated.
I wanted to look up what the hell Google Beta is, but Google Beta won't let me unravel its own tightly woven web of lies; so it remains an enigma.
by Frank Earnest June 23, 2011

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