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Sitting uncomfortably in the same position where you can't move your legs. It usually takes place while in a crowded car, bus, or plane for a long period of time. It will give you the urge to stand up and stretch your legs out.
ohh man I've got to stand up. I have vacation legs real bad.
by Frank A May 10, 2007
aka piss belly - Having the urgent need to pee and it feels like your whole belly is full of urine.
I have a big swollen pee belly and have to go. I woke up last night with a piss belly, and peed for five minutes. Pull over now, I have a pee belly and can't make it to the rest area.
by Frank A May 16, 2007
Canadian camel toe. aka Canuck toe.
Man, when I went to Ontario last summer, there were moose knuckles for miles! Did you see the moose knuckes on those chicks?
by Frank A May 12, 2007

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