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4 definitions by Francis B

Whilst in the act of a white knuckle shuffle,having no tissue to hand using a conveniant sock to catch your seed so it doesn't stain the carpet
I was going through Frankies washing & out popped a crusty wanksock
by Francis B November 01, 2007
A practice whereby a group of young men partake in mutual masturbation within the confines of one room - originating from the sacred art of poleslapping where monks would gather to do the same the intention being to splurge into the jizzbucket.
My ball are heavy, i think i will pop to petes for some smithslapping.
by Francis B November 01, 2007
A fast & furious wank,usually when time is short & the need is great.
She was due home any minute,just enough time for a white knuckle shuffle
by Francis B November 01, 2007
A small particle of semi digested food that when coughing or clearing the throat comes whizzing up into the moutht & when crushed has the distinctive odour of poo!
Jamie coughed up a whizzpoo ground it between his teeth & gave himself shitbreath
by Francis B November 01, 2007