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The poof house is kinda like a red light district, but refered to a small joint of houses togheter where you can go pick any type of bitch you like and fuck for no less than 25€. Mostly known and used in Germany.
Hey Mat V. wanna hit the poof house after the mandatory fun day,that's where the fun really begins...

I can't wait to get off shift and go hit the poof house.
by Fran-k-bron a.K.a PaKo February 06, 2009
Is the execive amount of hair in the femenine pubic area,i.e pussy or ass; when it has been pulled and curled out... making it look like a ponytail.
After I ate that bitch last night, she kept playing with herself and ended up with a poontail.

Dude, you need a haircut, you kinda have a poontail growing out.
by Fran-k-bron a.K.a PaKo February 05, 2009
Razor burn in the Female genital area
I rather my girlfriend go with the bush, cuz everytime she shaves she gets the poon rash and she won't give me nutin for days.
by Fran-k-bron a.K.a PaKo February 08, 2009
Person that deliberatedly searches for females round the age of 15 and 17.
(person a)DUDE WTF are you doing that chick's like seventeen still.

(person b)So?!

(person a) Man you'r such a cooch stocker
by Fran-k-bron a.K.a PaKo February 08, 2009
Place where the balls meet in conjuction with the base of the penis.
Men, remember the chick I met last night at the bar? WORST head I've had in my life, bitch woldn't get off my ball throat
by Fran-k-bron a.K.a PaKo February 08, 2009
Mostly used in the military for personal going to urinate but can not do so without another person to cover his 6.
PVT Joe:Drill Sergeant can I go to the latrine?

DS: Do you have a pee buddy?

PVT Joe: Umm, Umm, Umm

DS: (shouts out loudly) WHO WANT"S TO BE PVT JOE'S PEE BUDDY
by Fran-k-bron a.K.a PaKo February 06, 2009

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