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1. A homomo.
2. A person, usually male, who is tricked by a female to take off his clothes while in the bed of a truck parked outside of a house party. This person then has his clothes stolen by the same female, thus forcing him to run around the party naked, embarrassing himself due to the size of his small johnson and bizarre antics.
3. A gay trucker or somebody who has sex with them.
4. A homophobe who is really a closet homosexual.
5. A subject in a series of films made by darkling.
6. A truck built by Kremenchugsky Avtomobilny Zavod, a Ukrainian truck manufacturer.
7. The butt of a joke.

1. Quit blowing all of those truckers through that gloryhole, what are you, kraz?
2. We all have some great memories of that party, kraz.
3. Kraz is manned with a drill in a holster with the proper sized hole router prefitted, the johnny appleseed of glory holes, sucking dicks at every rest stop along I-95.
4. Somebody ask kraz how it feels to have so much dissonance in his life when everyday he denies his gayness, yet every night he bends over in his bed sliding his fingers in and out of his ass, longing for a good dicking, crying on his pillow because he can't come to terms with his sexuality.
5. Did you see the latest skinhead and kraz video on google?
6. That's a big Kraz you're driving there, Volodymyr.
7. Gee Rob, it's sure fun to laugh at you, you really have become our kraz.
1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Kraz hates women because he was kraz, and now blows every kraz driving a Kraz, so we laugh at kraz.
by Fran Tular September 29, 2006

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