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A computing device you would hold in your fist. Included is any mobile computing device: calculator (the original), cell phones and mp3 players with texting and web access, smartphones, ect.
Standing in the auto parts store, I whipped out my fist-puter and found a great price for lube at the local super-store: back to the van!
by Fozzie Fozzmosis January 08, 2011
Procrastination performed by a person that seems to be at such a meaningless, disgustingly professional level that even the trash that really needs taking out, never gets taken out. Same applies to a person with body rot or the lack of basic general cleaning due to laziness.
In all cases, the physical ability to clean is in no way impaired, except for the lack of effort.
When it came to the diaper pail, my friend Rob was just like Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout: a total pro-crap-stinator.
by Fozzie Fozzmosis November 28, 2010

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