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59 definitions by FoxMajik

A charismatic leader is someone who is able to assert authority over a person or group of people without any logical basis for rule using only their own charisma.
Some charismatic leaders include Jesus Christ, George W Bush, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and Steve Jobs.
by FoxMajik September 09, 2007
This term speaks of any issue where a customer can't get help because no one in customer service knows how to fix the problem because they never talk to the people who solve technical problems; the customer keeps getting bounced between providers for what appears to them to be the same service to them; or both of those issues.

The problem is that the customer can't get help. No one they can talk to knows who owns the problem, or has any information about it. The people who know how to fix the problem are so far seperated from the customer service team who provide support for the customer that the customer's issue will never be resolved. So they continually insist that the problem lies not with them, but with the other provider.

This also happens with DSL customers who have a problem with their service. They'll call their Internet Service Provider, who will perform basic troubleshooting, then tell them to call their line service provider. The line service provider will perform basic troubleshooting, then send the customer back to their ISP.
I'm experienceing disassociative service breakage with my Ineternet service because Earthlink says the problem is with Qwest but Qwest says the problem is with Earthlink.

A customer has copied their favorite soap opera to DVD and played it on their portable DVD player for a long time. Then recently Comcast upgraded their cable box, and since then everything they record on their Tivo DVR is copy protected, so they can no longer use the service in the way they are used to using it.

by foxmajik August 12, 2006
A company reorganization, usually involving the firing of a number of employees and promotion of others to the point of uselessness. Often used as a futile measure when a company is about to tank.
Bobco went through a reorg last year, they promoted all of their middle management to management and fired all of the previous managers in a futile attempt to regain stockholder trust.
by foxmajik June 25, 2007
To CC someone on a message so that they may keep up with the thread. Sometimes involves making up an excuse to reply on a thread just to get someone in the loop.
I noticed you weren't on the email thread regarding the reorg project so I'll loop you in.
by foxmajik June 25, 2007
A drama pair is a combination of words, ideas, objects, groups of people, etc that always results in drama. Frequently used for trolling.
Linux vs Windows is a drama pair; Christians vs. Atheists; Microsoft vs Apple
by foxmajik June 25, 2007
A process that used to be used back in the day by call center agents supporting cable modems. It was a long, multi-step average handle time killer that included ripping out Windows' TCP/IP components, removing and re-installing network drivers, deleting the related entries from the registry, deleting some Windows system files that were frequently corrupted, restoring the system files, rebooting a few times, getting up and doing the chicken dance on your desk, calling the Mentor Line a few dozen times and guzzling lots of coffee. Always done as a last resort, usually at the recommendation of a mentor.
John tried ripping the stack and the nic, but that didn't work so he just did The Big Nasty and that got her back online.
by foxmajik October 28, 2004
One of a call center's metrics that defines about how long it takes you to handle one call. Usually abreviated called AHT and run together so it sounds as a single three-syllable word.
Rob's AHT was pretty high because he had to do The Big Nasty a bunch of times this week.
by foxmajik October 28, 2004