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59 definitions by FoxMajik

A vague indication of anything that may be smoked, usually in reference to marijuana. Could refer to pot itself, or the bong, or a spliff, or any other smokeable.
Dude, who's got smokeage?
by foxmajik October 28, 2004
The process of hiring a call center to perform customer service and/or technical support, or other support tasks, obstensibly because it is cheaper than having an in-house support team. Companies also outsource to preserve their reputation, as they can use the hand of god to fire any call center employee who isn't performing in line with their vision without anyone knowing; can hire and fire employees en mass with no regrets.
My job at Foo Inc was outsourced, so I went to work for the company they outsourced to at greatly reduced pay.
by foxmajik October 28, 2004
iWant describes the urge that Apple customers have to be the first to see, touch, buy, own and use Apple products with partial or total disregard for the product's actual market value, total cost of ownership, usefulness in comparison to similar products on the market and/or other important factors that one would normally consider when making a purchasing decision. May be caused exclusively by or by a combination of peer pressure, charismatic leadership, in-vertising and/or viral marketing.

Consumers of with this predisposition are commonly subjected to the Hippy Tax.
Jerry caved in to iWant and bought the iPhone instead of a more practical and functional Smartphone.

James paid a $200 iWant fee when he bought his iPhone on opening day.

It must have been the iWant that made Kerry pay an extra thousand dollars for an aluminum case and an Apple logo on top of a $400 Intel PC.
by FoxMajik September 09, 2007
An intro that introduces a crack.
Razor 911 had some nice cracktros for their C64 prods.
by FoxMajik January 28, 2004
Call center slang. This word encompasses the statistics that are taken on call center agents to determine their worth. Usually includes average handle time (AHT), wrap, hold time and a few other basic metrics as well as a few 'spin' metrics added by the client to give the client a feeling of control.
They said Rob got canned because of poor metrics, but we all know the real reason.
by foxmajik October 28, 2004
The place where call center agents work. Usually the largest part of the call center, composed of sprawling rows and columns of cubicles that stretch so far that you can see the curve or the horizon before the back wall.
Mike went out onto the floor after a week of training.
by foxmajik October 28, 2004
Call center jargon. This is the excuse that a call center or your hiring agency gives you for your being canned.
"My bullshit reason for Stream was they said I was browsing porn" Jeremy said, "even though they have a blocking proxy installed and I wasn't at my workstation when it supposedly happened."
by foxmajik October 28, 2004