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FOXING; (verb) 'To Fox'

The art of going into places you shouldn't, taking things you oughtn't to, and doing things that in most countries are probably just a tiny bit illegal. Acts are usually performed while under cover of darkness, with an MO directed in a more lighthearted vein, as opposed to an operation of terror or destruction. Can also be used to describe an outing of mischief. Similar to reality hacking, urban infiltration/urban exploration, and parkour, but with the added bonus of 'finding' random items to be 'purchased' as trophies for well-run missions.
Sample Activities and Term Usage;

1. Finding an 'open' door to an office and 'purchasing' a half-dozen paperclips from the workstation for trophies. Perhaps if time, rearranging important looking papers that were found in the 'unlocked' filing cabinet and drawing smiley faces in the centre of each one. Take the umbrella.

2. Collecting goslings.

...I don't think this one needs any explaination.

3. Deviant #1: "Man, we should go Foxing!"
Deviant #2: "Yeah! I love Foxing! So when do we start?"
Deviant #1: "Right now. Behind three locked doors, past a rabid pirate, and down a pitch-black ventilator shaft, there's an elastic band waiting with my name on it. You in?"
Deviant #2: "Yeah! But what do I get?"
Deviant #1: "...Uh, you can have the post-it pad."
Deviant #2: "Yeah! I love post-its!"
Deviant #1: "..."
by Fox ...of course. *wink* October 14, 2006

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