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For the full Drexel Experience, one must pull out from anal sex, followed by the female defecating in a sock (an action facilitated by the male partner). A Dirty Sanchez ensues then a New Delhi Dot follows. The male then smacks the female across her face with the Gym Sock (that was made) because she deserves it for not making you a sandwich prior to the sex. Once all of this has been completed, you have had in all its entirety The Drexel Experience.
Guy 1: I gave a girl The Drexel Experience last night. She thought it was kinky.
Guy 2: Wow she is nuts.
Guy 1: Yup, Fucking skank.
#drexel #experience #dirty sanchez #gym sock #the drexel experience #experiance #new delhi dot
by Fourplay Inc November 11, 2010
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