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A spiffy, happenin' girl.
"Look at those fine dudettes who just came out of that rock n' roll concert!"
by Forturne Cokie August 30, 2004
When talking to more than 4 people online. All have some bizarre story to tell and consider it imporant, so if you don't reply within 5 seconds of their last message, they get upset and send you 11 consecutive messages spelling out "w-h-e-r-e-a-r-e-y-o-u." The "message recieved" sound repeats over and over and you begin getting a headache. It's a state which should be avoided by all means.
"Mustaf, Lili, Big Moe, and Tinkers were trying to tell me what had happened at Mama Joe's party--all at the same time. It was IM Madness!"
by Forturne Cokie August 30, 2004
(verb) how to avoid talking to certain people on AIM. You can "block" people so that they won't be able to chat with you and vice versa. Sometimes used as a a temporary punishment when your friend was alledgedly "unfaithful."
"I blocked her after I heard she was cheatin' on my bf, Jimmy."
by Forturne Cokie August 30, 2004
I competition--usually between two friends--to warn then to 100% on AIM. The key to warning wars is being fast with your mouse and having several different screen names from which to warn your victim. For, if you're warned to 100%, you can't send IMs quickly.
"I had a warning war with Peggy last night and warned her from all 12 of my screen names. I won!"
by Forturne Cokie August 30, 2004
Extremely spiffy. Crossing the line from plain ol' spiffy to über spiffy--spiffacious.
Laser tag wasn't just good, man, it was spiffacious.
by Forturne Cokie August 30, 2004

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