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Abbreviation of multi-seller videogame, Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal. Which released in the year of 2004, developed by Insomniac Games.
I'm about to log on U.Y.A. for a bit.
by Forsaken Child February 24, 2008
Negative word used over 200 years ago, when african americans were slaves. This word was created by "white man", who mean't it to mean dirty, ugly, and stupid. This word should never be used in the 21st Century because of its history. No ethnic groups have the right to say this word, not even African Americans. For the curiosity don't let the hip hop music get to your mind. Hip hop stars uses this word, which by fact is being investigated by the Government.
Lets sell some niggas. *This word should not be used at all*
by Forsaken Child February 24, 2008
Vulgar word which is used as another term for sex. Also is a vulgar word that can be offensive to all, which relates to anger at someone. This word should not be used because of its vulgarity.
That man fucked that woman; fuck you *someone*
by Forsaken Child February 24, 2008

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