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A song in RENT, a tribute to anything and everything Bohemian, From AIDS to No money, it's all in here.
To Hand Crafted beers made in local breweries,
To Yoga,
To Yogurt,
To Rice and Beans and Cheese,
To Leather,
To Dildos,
To Curry Vindaloo!
La Vie Boheme!
by Forrest/Remus November 03, 2007
Someone who is obsessed with RENT. They know every word to every song, have seen BOTH the movie and the play, and love it to death. They know every little detail, from the fact that 'Take Me Or Leave Me' was added two rehearsals before show time, to the precise differences between the Movie and Stage show.
Forrest is such a RENThead, He knows all the words, facts, and little everythings about RENT.

RENTheads, gosh, get a life, RENT isn't something to obsess about. Just because YOU know everything about it, doesn't mean we do.
by Forrest/Remus November 03, 2007
An awesome Character in RENT, a transvestite With AIDS, he/she is one of the most emotionally powerful characters in the Production.
Gentlemen, our benefactor, on this Christmas Eve,
Who's Charity is only matched by talent, I believe,
A New Member, of the Alphabet City Avant - Garde
Angel Dumott Schunard!
by Forrest/Remus November 03, 2007

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