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(N) Hotel claiming to be among the highest in luxury offering guests an unrivaled stay. Unaccomplished in goals by mistreatment of employees. Self absorbed management continuously walks over and degrades employees, berating them after they try to meet the needs of guests expecting to be taken care of by the false advertising of "The Place to Meet".
She went above and beyond expectations by making a reservation for a rental car for a guest, the Crowne Plaza Nashua berated her for it. She gave her notice after mistreatment and Crowne Plaza Nashua fired her. If you want to leave, secure another job and don't give notice, just leave the Crowne Plaza Nashua in the lurch so they don't have an opportunity to fire you. Crowne Plaza Nashua does not have a safe work environment. Crowne Plaza Nashua would be shut down if word got out about how they mistreat employees. No guest would return to Crowne Plaza Nashua if they ever found out what happens behind the scenes.
by Former Employee 2 October 30, 2006

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