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The act of sexually assaulting a calendar. The target for date rapists are usually calenders featuring buffalo penises. The date rape usually takes place near the number 21 for no apparent reason (it is assumed that guys or chicks get horny when looking at the number 21 on the calender and proceeding to try to rape it). It proceeds with the man/chick attempting to coax the calendar into his/her bed. When the calendar anxiously refuses, the man yells at it for a few minutes, hits it, then pierces the calendar right near the number 21. After having sex with it, the man apologizes and cries and weeps telling the calendar to accept his apology. The woman meanwhile, overpowers the calendar and forces it into her vagina where she moves it up and down.
Yo Johnny did you date rape that National Geographic calendar? I heard she was bomb and looks like some freaky deeky stuff.
by Former Calender Victim January 19, 2010

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