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Shinigami is a Japanese word for God of Death. They are the Western equalivant of the Grim Reaper.

Shinigami are also the primary focus of the popular manga and now anime, Bleach.
Rukia gave Ichigo the powers of a Shinigami to protect his family. (Bleach reference)

Only a Shinigami can put this lost soul to peace.
by Forksaken Profet December 17, 2004
A word created in the late 2004 in conjuction with Ken "McGraw".

An e-Donkey is a female from a blog site such as mySpace.com who usually posts a picture of no real value and most times ends up to be fat and/or ugly.

Should one ever date one, points are awarded based on how ugly and/or fat.
Jay earned TWO points for that e-Donkey.

Jay thinks that if earns enough points from e-Donkeys, he'll eventually find a good looking one...he's earned a lot of points.
by Forksaken Profet December 17, 2004
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