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3 definitions by Forever Haunted7

It is a potion used to force people speak only the truth.

A.K.A. The truth Potion

from the book Harry Potter.
I will force Veritaserum down your throat if you don't tell me the truth!
by Forever Haunted7 April 23, 2006
26 8
Cops who will turn off their car while in neutral and silently roll by the path to catch underage smokers.
Yo, ditch your square the cops are going to roll by in a second.
by Forever Haunted7 May 17, 2006
3 0
Punk Rock is starting a band with some friends who have never played an instrament before, and people come to your shows and actually like you even though you totally suck.
-NoFX, Fat Mike
Kid 1: You wanna start a band?
Kid 2: Do you even know how to play anything?
Kid 1: Who the fuck cares?
Kid 2: Meh, I'm in.

Random wannabe: That's so punk rock!
by Forever Haunted7 May 14, 2006
14 19