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Somebody who is habitually slow and stupid or so disorganized that he causes considerable inconvenience to others. Persons with this disability are invariably male, often adolescent, and never female.
He's just a dopey cunt. He thought Australia was near Germany and that 'Ireland' was spelt 'Island'.

The dopey cunt lost his passport so his parents were running around like headless chickens trying to find it before the flight left.
by Foreskin Warrior July 14, 2006
When someone is sleeping soundly, we often say that person is "dead to the world". However, in the deepest sense of the phrase, it applies to a God-realised individual whose divine rapture causes her or him to lose all consciousness of the world and indeed the physical universe. The individual's only point of connection to the world becomes the physical body of which she or he is completely oblivious. In the normal course of events, the body is "dropped" after three days. During this transitional time, the individual is truly "dead to the world", unlike sleeping and deceased individuals who remain very much bound to the physical world through, respectively, the cycle of sleep and wakefulness or the cycle of death and rebirth.
Tom had a six pack of Budweiser and ended up dead to the world on his friend's couch.
by Foreskin Warrior September 09, 2006

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