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Salty venom usually spat by a bobbinyarn. Only way to treat is to have it sucked out by a woman. Distinguished by its cloudy creamy appearance.
Mckellar was stroking my bobbinyarn last night and it spat white worm in his face.

I dont like the taste of envelopes so i just seal them with white worm.
by Fooshty Bob April 23, 2008
Chunk of man meat often used for beefin. Very dangerous to stroke as it spits white worm at you. If you come across one it will come across you.

Always wash the bobbinyarn or it will become fooshty.
I walked into the changing rooms and seen Mckellar playing with a bobbinyarn. He had to go to hospital as it spat in his eye.

Hey baby would you like to stroke my bobbinyarn?
by Fooshty Bob April 23, 2008
Cheesy smegma build up on a penis or pussy.
Hey Mckellar? Put away your fooshty bell end.

You should have seen the girl i beefed last night. She had a well fooshty minge.
by Fooshty Bob April 23, 2008
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