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A person who will many times be known as a trix. One who does not have all the flavor and has a poor aftertaste. A person who follows. Many times known as a f***ing Brian
Jack is just a Diet Coke, dude. He adds nothing to our group flavor as a whole.
by FoPaSean March 25, 2007
A conservative town west of Oak Park, IL and north of Forest Park, IL. A place where people complain about the things that they don't have; when in reality they have a lot. A disgrace to all the good work that the Forest Park people have done to liven up their city. Also a disgrace to the name of Oak Park High School which has been corrupted since 1900 w/ River Forest attached to it.
I heard everyone in River Forest voted for George Bush last election. Yeah, it's too bad that they can't have their own school; instead they have to suck off the tit of Oak Park.
by FoPaSean March 25, 2007
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