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A person who compulsively lies, generates pure bs, and inserts himself into any situation so he can sound cool or be part of the group. Is not good at lying as to constantly be caught.
Matt is such a Wondo.
by Fo' Shizzle March 16, 2004
One who's mom is the community bicycle.
Everyone's hide a ride on atlee's mom.
by Fo' Shizzle April 02, 2004
Lili + a hippo = Lippo. One of the worst creatures. A Lippo is an idiotic, fat, moronic, retarded girl names Lili, when compared to a hippo, she is much worse, thus being a lippo. She is a lippo, who becomes a nympho when thinking about Timmy.
Lili Bivings is a lippo.
by Fo' shizzle March 19, 2005
Two words: Blair Galliber. Unlike the lippo, the demon known as Blair, is retarded, stupid, ugly, and has a very loud voice. She also feasts on others by hurting them intentionally for no reason. Probably one of the worst creatures in the world - Blair/Demon. Also thinking that she is hotter than a Sports Illistrated Swimsuit model.
The Demon hurt me with her screeching.
by Fo' shizzle March 19, 2005

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