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Pirate Station: the biggest drum n bass festival in the world. Held every year in Russia. The whole festival is based on loud drum n bass, sexy girls, mindblasting music, and crazy stunts made by acrobats. The last one was in moscow on febuary 21 2009. Some djs are Goldie, John B, Grooverider, Dieselboy, DJ Hype, Spor, Aphrodite, DJ Gvozd, and a lot more.
dude1: Hey we should go to pirate station this year!
dude2: Yeah man all them sexy ladies, =P we should, its gonna be a blast!!!
by Fly Dreams October 26, 2009
a person that acts all HARD only with words, or just by talking and when it comes to fighting the person is a pussy/wimp and maybe even runs away.
lame dude:(while standing behind a fence) imma go like boom with my fist, and u will be laying on the ground like ahhh ouuuch.

other dude: man ur just a pop tart HARD on the out side SOFT on the inside.
by Fly Dreams September 25, 2009

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