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49 definitions by FlowersInMidgar2

1. Traditionally used to describe the final rounds of chess games.

2. Also used to describe the final moments of a dramatic encounter, fight or series of events.

3. In MMORPG. Used to describe the playing done by people who have reached the maximum progression and/or the most advanced content currently available.
"....and now we enter, end game."
- The Simpsons' Principal Seymour Skinner (while hunting down a truant Bart Simpson)
by FlowersInMidgar2 June 09, 2008
Pigheaded, ignorant sheep-minded fools who refuse to admit that games have improved in the decade since Final Fantasy VII was released. Worship an overhyped video game because it is fashionable to do so. Also tend to target Final Fantasy VI and VIII as the popularity driven trend of hate.

Any attempt to improve or advance the stale, trite formula of: "Stand in a line, pick fight/magic/Item from a menu and wait.
-Or, moving past interface/designs that only existed due to hardware limitations-
are met with fear, irrational rage, insults and a refusal to accept change or improvement.

Immune to logic, common sense, counter arguments or objective, even handed thought.
Final Fantasy VII fankids want Final Fantasy VII over and over with graphical improvements only. They are also arrogant enough to define the entire series by superficial means like "being turn-based".
Nothing will ever be good enough because they don't want it to be and don't care how ignorant and stupid they look.
by FlowersInMidgar2 June 09, 2008
World Of Warcraft Community Manager (Moderator)

Blizzard CM's are already a barely functioning, feckless component of the poorly run and managed, official WoW message boards. If you could single out any one that makes the miserable corporate chaff look sparkling by comparison, it would be Bornakk.

Most are already, biased, unprofessional, snarky, fanboi nerds with mod privileges but, still manage to accidentally stumble back-asswards into doing their jobs once of twice a year.

Not Bornakk. Bor has decided to reduce his existence to that of a forum troll who can ban.

Abusing his questionably given power by becoming a bully, an unfunny douchebag and all around unhelpful, annoyance. He is a blemish, that stands out on Blizzard's already blemish-ridden face.
He is also notoriously arrogant, stupid and dense. Repeatedly missing the point of any message leveled at him, almost to the point of seemingly concerted effort and, refusing to accept even the slightest criticism.

He's like a self centered teenager who has been given authority.

Famous for spamming the CM feedback email in place of facing an argument.

Easily done in by simple logic, Bornakk ignores all but one or two posts in a sea of counterpoints, to reply with nothing more than sarcasm, flamebait or, a reply so dense and irrelevant that the original point may have actually earned frequent flyer miles.
Blizzard CM's are a waste of space.

Bornakk is a waste of a CM position.
by flowersinmidgar2 May 01, 2009
Used to describe the final moments of a given event, or situation where change is still a possibility.

Right before a deadline.
I procrastinated all night and now, in the 11th hour, I need to work my ass off to finish this report moments before it is due.
by FlowersInMidgar2 June 10, 2008
"Finally, a messageboard you aren't banned from!!"
~ Which is good, becuase these guys can't survive anywhere else.
Says a lot about the personalities of the users doesn't it?

"We know how hard it is, being an unlikeable shithead, in a world that values social interaction regardless of the format.
We know, that the internet is great place to unwind and show everyone what a disgusting cocksucker you really are.
Come on in, we'll give you hugs and, tell you you don't suck, regardless of what reality says."

Basically, a virtual daycare center for gaming's most anti-social clowns.

If you could imagine the biggest loser, virgin for life, pussy stereotypes, they would be gnet users.

Impotent kids and, man-children bragging about being unlikable chodes in games.

Basically, newfags for the gaming set.

Do you live in a basement and hate yourself?
Do you think being a dick is cool?
Is "fag" your best insult?

You have a place here.
Griefers.net: Providing a safe, obnoxious haven for the personality deprived, gaming brats and the anti-social losers of the gaming world.
by flowersinmidgar2 November 15, 2009
An overpriced, collectible miniatures game concept produced by Wizkids Games. Examples: Hero Clix and Horror Clix.

Characterized by:
The use of piss poor injection molded plastic figures the same quality one finds in supermarket vending machines.

Convoluted rules that require weekly revisions and erratas.

Sets consisting of 3-5 interesting characters, the three lame headliners for each series and a Hefty cinch-sack full of filler no one could possibly want.

Play mats that may, or may not, have silver dollar Mickey Mouse pancake prices printed on the back.

Idiotic, attention grasping sales gimmicks, like having customers wait in line just for the opportunity -to win a raffle -to buy a product at a convention. FUN!
(That's right, you get the fun of waiting in line for the chance to win the chance to buy a product later at the con! AND the fun of waiting for your number to be drawn! FUN!)

Famous for producing no less then 40 Spiderman versions. One of which, may actually be playable. Took at least four versions before the "Super Senses" ability was even used.

Producing limited edition "prizes" the majority of which, are virtually unusable.

Milking idiotic, money-to-burn neckbeards for money most folks drop on samll automobiles.

Community consists mostly of snarky, virginal jerks who spend the day kissing Wizkids' collective ass for ripping them off and wallowing in fact that they will never touch a vagina. (see also: HCRealms)
The latest pile of overpriced, plastic clix crap is the Scarab from the video game series Halo. At $250, you can buy Halo 3 limited edition with the giant helmet thing. Except this is just a big plastic toy. That doesn't do anything. Except remind of you where that 250 dollars went...
by flowersinmidgar2 November 29, 2007
The principle guiding force behind 70-104% of all Internet communities or message boards.

Occupies the top point of the Internet Pentagram of Virtual Idiocy along side:
I'm sorry, I'm not going to be able to come in to work today, I just got back from seeing Aliens Vs. Predator while playing the latest Final Fantasy game on my PSP after watching the Superbowl with my Dolfies dressed like Link from Legend of Zelda, and I should be going on and on about it with stupid people who can't spell.........circle jerk
by Flowersinmidgar2 January 07, 2008