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A place that breeds the finest damn good ol’ American boys known to man. These are the kind of people who every father is proud to have as a son and every mother wants their daughter to marry. Midshipman are all incredibly smart and technically savy people with rock hard bodies and morals that would make a preacher proud. They are groomed for success and affluence and graduating means that they can write their ticket just about anywhere. Everything is a competition to them- especially sports, getting women, and drinking. The food at USNA has special chemicals that make your dick bigger so these already hung fucks can lay more pipe than a plumber. These salty bastards can drink even the most thirsty frat boys under the table and know how to show women a good time both in and out of the sack. Basically, Midshipman are what Willis was talking about and the personification of Charlie Sheen's "winning".
Example 1:
Civillian frat boy pussy with girlfriend: Hey man, I bet I can beat you in beer pong.
Midshipman: I bet you don’t even know how to grip a football. You’re on. *In. Bounce.*
Civillian frat boy pussy with girlfriend: Lucky shot. *Rim. Air-ball*
Midshipman: My turn *In. In. Balls back. In. In. Girlfriend of frat boy starts unbuckling the Mid’s pants and leads him to the laundry room.*
Civillian frat boy pussy that used to have a girlfriend: Man, he’s good…

Example 2:
Welcome to the Naval Academy. Ladies, commence ovulation.
by Floppy nutsack jack June 23, 2011
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