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Promoting someone or something into bigger than it actually is, constantly talking someone up as if it is always on your mind. The reasons for Don Kinging one can differ but there is usually an underlying reason. Named after former boxing promoter Don King.
Guy 1: "Man, Johnny is always gettin the girls, he can pretty much get any girl in this club"

Guy 2: "Dang bradda, your always don kinging the hell outta Johnny"

Guy 1: "Yeah, Johnny is really cool"
by Flo Str8fire June 23, 2011
Half sour, half sprite, black razz, and Jameson. A drink order originating around the year 2008, commonly mistaken for a shot, but no its actually a drink and should come in a glass.
Let me get The Dickson, half sour, half sprite, black razz n Jameson

Bartender: Nah man can't do it. I'm all outta black razz

No worries mate! just sub in razzmatazz, I'm gonna be drinkin these allllllll night.
by Flo Str8fire July 02, 2011

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