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2 definitions by FlameKid676

Acronym meaning "Black ass girls". A "b.a.g" is a ghetto black girl. B.a.g's are usually loud, annoying, black females who stand out in a crowd.
"Omg dude there's a freaking group of b.a.g's across the street."
by FlameKid676 May 23, 2010
3 2
Acronym meaning "black ass nigger". A "b.a.n" is a self proclaimed "gangsta". B.a.n's are easily recognized by their attire, usually being dressed in du-rag, hat or "fitted", tight or baggy pants sagging below their ass, and sneakers. B.a.n's have a tendency to violently steal things like ipods and phones from random citizens so stay alert.
"Dude did you see that? That b.a.n just beat that guy up for his ipod."
by FlameKid676 May 23, 2010
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