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A desperate woman fornicating old try poop that was formed into a dildo.
Yo i bet you that hoe is so into turd sex, look at her play wit that dog poo.
by Flama blanca November 22, 2010
the process of placing your penis and ejaculating between a menstruating woman's vaginal lips
yo i think ma bitch is on da rag, guess we gunna have to do a dick lasagna.
by Flama blanca November 26, 2010
the result of a disgusting untaken care of vagina that forms crusty's inside and dispenses them randomly on innocent dudes dicks.
While Joe and Maria were fornicating, joe realized there were sharp crusty things flying out of her vagina in and onto his penis.

He than decided to take the crusty's to a lab and found out he got a wild case of "poon rocks"
by Flama blanca November 22, 2010
after performing a dick lasagna on a woman, the man proceeds to slap her upper lip with his unit leaving a semen residue. known as a manicotti mustache.
yo, i was doing a dick lasagna on my bitch last night and she decided that i would give her a manicotti mustache.
by Flama blanca November 26, 2010
the act of a female pouring Tabasco in her butthole, than pooping on a plate and eating the feces with semen on top.
While jerry was jerking off...

Pamela poured tabasco in her butthole than took a poop on a plate.

Afterward's Jerry cums on her feces,

Pamela proceeds to eat it.

that is a perfect spicy cupcake
by Flama blanca November 18, 2010
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