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Tipi Creeper (noun) or Tipi Creeping (verb) – An indigenous North American colloquialism and euphemism widely used throughout Indian Country to describe a floozy, a promiscuous lady or man of the evening who travels to and from tipis and tents, most often at powwows, seeking a random sexual partner.
I think she's just a tipi creeper because after we had sex she never called me back.

I was tipi creeping last night after the powwow and met this hot Navajo chick with a phat booty.
by First Nation Fool January 07, 2012
A Native American who has either been relocated to or born in an urban area.
The Lakota journalist Simon Moya-Smith is a city Indian. He wasn't born on the reservation; he was born near downtown Denver. Urban Metropolitan Native American Indian Rural NDN Reservation
by First Nation Fool January 07, 2012
Similar to a Wannabe Indian, a Feather Freak is a douche that feigns and claims American Indian heritage (typically Cherokee or Blackfoot); festoons their home with Native American swag and counterfeit Navajo rugs and other trinkets; and revels in everything Native American related.
This goddamn American Indian trade show is brimming with blond-hair, blue-eyed feather freaks in chokers.

You can spot a feather freak by their howling wolf T-shirt and dream catcher dangling from their rear-view mirror.
by First Nation Fool January 07, 2012
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