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3 definitions by First Bullet

Also known to tankers as the "co-ax shuffle", whereby an enemy is either running for fear of his life, or sent tumbling backwards by the hail of lead hitting him. Refers to the M240 machine gun.
Did you see that guy with the RPG? The gunner made him do the 240 shuffle!
by First Bullet August 14, 2008
3 0
Extremely dark window tint that conceals the identities of a vehicle's occupants. Can be used to describe any type of window tint.
Check out that impala, he's got some drive-by tint!
by First Bullet August 11, 2008
7 6
A woman's uterus / cervix. Also used to mean "vagina".
Guy A: You gonna bust that baby bunker tonight?

Guy B: Only if you draw her ugly friend's triple-A fire.
by First Bullet January 22, 2012
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