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Derived from the old english acronymic phrase (F.U.C.K) Fornication Under Consent of the King
Oh look, that door has a fuck sign on it,they obviously have consent from our king to make a baby
by Firleigh rinse mincers December 16, 2008
1.n Positive term. something considered good, useful and/or interesting.
2.ad describing someone or something that is or has good, useful and/or interesting properties
3.v action of bringing shapes to a given situation
4.proper noun, name given to someone who has a reputation of pulling shapes
5.n gadget, gizmo
6.n drugs
7.n object of mystery or suprise
8.n refers to the part of space occupied by an object as determined by its external boundary
1.that is a proper shape!
2.my mate dave is well shapesy
3.i'm pulling shapes
4.alright shapes, how's it going?
5.this lazer is a right shape
6.bobby got busted and got all his shapes raped
7.do you wanna see my shapes?
8.that dodecahedron is such a shape
9.this definition of shape is well shapesy
by Firleigh rinse mincers December 16, 2008
1.Adjective to describe something that is funny through use of a pun. Also a pun in itself.
2.Describing something that is only slightly a pun
1.Graham just made a really punny remark
2.The remark Graham made wasn't quite a pun but it was punny
by Firleigh rinse mincers December 16, 2008
1.v action of sneakily creeping around in the shadows of a dark, dingy, underground location.
2.ad describing a specific type of dubstep
3.a particular state induced by ketamine
4.devon's only dubstep radio station
1.watch out for that wierdo lurking around over there by the speakers
2.caspa's remix of west coast rocks is a well lurky tune
3.I was lurking all night at that free party
4.LURKFM.com sundays 9-11pm
by Firleigh rinse mincers December 16, 2008
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