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Ok i find that definition befor very offending. I attend that school. I do not get drunk, i am not gothic, i am not punk, i am not rich, i am not preppy, i am not critian and i am not jewish and i am sooo not smart. what r ya gonna sterotype ME as little miss i know everything?

Okay wissahiockon...we have a bad language department, we have an AWESOME f.h. team...our la-X is o.k....we have way too much h.w.

as for the gossip spreading...yeah thats so true. I am sooo the queen-in-training of the Fire Spreaders.

unless ur talking about the hs, then i would have to refrain from replying
1. our f.h. team won state champs last year and i think the year before that but dont quote me, im not sure
by Fire-Spreading Princess March 18, 2005

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