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An incredibly sweet girl
Never falls for the "popular guys" in school
Very quite
Very cute
Very cuddly
If she makes a loved one sad she can hurt her self
She learns on her own
She'd change herself for a very loved

She's very into technology and music
She'd could give you a while paragraph of a city you never have heard of

She's a nerd inside a geek

Of you with a salina now

You stick with that salina

Unless the first letter of your name is under t
A b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s z y
Of your first name starts with any of those the your not good enough for her
Of your name starts with a

T u v w x

Then stick with her

Or you'll regret it in your feature
Hey did you hear about salina dating the head debate kid

Yea what a geek, who would date that guy

*salina comes up behind* I hope you know Arron if you dare. Make fun of warden again you'll loose your pretty little hand

Arron: O.o
Jason: *runs* SHE'S EVIL

Tanner: oh I know it <3_<3 she's a pretty girl

no one likes tanners
by Finlandboytanner October 28, 2012
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