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A skinny, aging, Lebanese male from a remote Caribbean island. Also famously known as the fatherly figure of Hadad. According to the legend, it is impossible to get a crystal clear picture of what he does for a living because nobody has seen or heard from him for a long time. Interestingly, there has been a few unconfirmed reports of sighting Keith casually having a meal in restaurants throughout the city. Like his youngster, he is habitually not available to answer numerous phone calls. However, if one leaves a name and a telephone number on his answering machine, there is a slim chance that he might return the call shortly after. His deep, profounding speech pattern is regrettably impaled by the occasional murmuring. Alternate slang names include: Keith, the K, hadad's dad, k hadad
*Phone rings*
"You've reached the voice mailbox of..."
"eh Keith Hadad"
"...is not available."
by Fillet Mignon June 11, 2009
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