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The process in which you ejaculate all over a girl's face, and then proceed to punch her in the nose.
"I gave that bitch a glazed jelly donut B!"
by Fighter Hayabusa July 06, 2003
me motherfucker
"eat my ass with hoisen sauce."
by Fighter Hayabusa July 08, 2003
What else would it be you stupid motherfucker.
"hey so listen stacy, shut the fuck up for one second a give me a taint rub ho."
by Fighter Hayabusa July 08, 2003
What i will do to the that invented the "Chia Pet" and the guy who invented Bizzo. That shits crazy.
"Shut the fuck up, i will hug you...now."
by Fighter Hayabusa July 23, 2003
The stupid new genre of music that all you fucking so called "cultured" people listen to. This is the shit thats huge for like one fucking second and then goes away. Music with no real fucking talent only with ability to have their fucking gay videos shown like 50,000 fucking times on MTV. Anyone who listens to nu metal can eat my fucking dick. fuck you.
i.e.:limp bizkit, disturbed, staind, slipknot, puddle of mudd, or whatever else you fucking stupid faggots listen to. Try real fucking music for once, like led zeppelin, Floyd, The Who, or fucking Radiohead.
by Fighter Hayabusa July 08, 2003

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