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Trojankiller needs to check his facts. "What do UCLA and USC students have in common? They were all admitted to USC"?

Yeah, right.

If he cares so much about statistics, he should check out and see that plenty of USC students turned down UCLA, even though it was "superior."

Maybe because they weren't tightwads. Maybe because they didn't want to spend two years finishing their freshman classes, and having to go through two more years as a "junior." Maybe because they didn't want to spend college as a number. Or, you know, maybe because they wanted a good football team. Also, maybe because they weren't such asshats.
If you like the US News and World Report Rankings so much, you should see that UCLA has been on a decline-- from the #17 best school in the nation in 1990 to #25 in 2005. USC, on the other hand, jumped from #41 to #30 in the span of only five years (2000-2005).

Watch UCLA gradually lose those precious rankings, and watch USC continue to succeed.
by Fight On! May 09, 2005

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