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A terrific yet misinterperted film. Brad Pitt portrays Tyler Durden, A charismatic and assertive soap seller who becomes Jack's (Edward Norton) new best friend. During the first part of the film, The couple establish a fight club which draws the attention of dozens of men. It helps Tyler teach them to think for themselves and turn their backs on mainstream consumerism. But later on, Tyler brainwashes these men into joining his anarchist cult Known as "Project Mayhem". Then, it is revealed that Tyler is just an hallucination of Jack created to act as his alter-ego.

This is what this movie is all about - Changing your perspective on life only to make you realize that it's not necesseraly better than before.

Did you like Tyler? The way women love him and men want to be him? Well, Tyler is so perfect because Tyler doesn't exist. His true self is Jack who is the total opposite loser.

Were you inspired to "think for yourself" and bash consumerism? Well then, you've just become another space monkey, a pawn at Tyler's hand. You fought one system only to be enslaved in another.

And for one moment, did you stop and ponder why this anti-consumerism underground is so dependent on money like any other orginised business?

Or how symbolic it is to see Tyler telling Jack he isn't real while wearing a fur coat - The top consumerism cliche?

Watch this film again and you will understand - Independent thought is the most precious character a human being can posess. And even Tyler Durden can't take it away from you.
Are you still here? Go watch Fight Club
by Fight Club Fan October 11, 2006

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