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1. A person who accepts the badass responsibility of wrangling a group of drunk people in one car and ferrying them home without succumbing to the temptation of delicious, delicious alcohol.
1. It's a good thing Nate was our designated badass last weekend otherwise we'd have never gotten home. The dude is a champ.
#designated #badass #designated badass #bad-ass #designatedbadass
by Fictitious Pulp March 04, 2010
A male equivalent of the "friend zone", for a girl too effin' crazy to sleep with.
As soon as Rebecca started talking about her cat's favorite episodes of "Glee", she was instantly put in my crazy box.
#crazy #box #crazybox #girl #crazy box
by Fictitious Pulp November 25, 2010
The act of calling or texting someone while taking a dump.
Jake: "I should have listened to you about those burritos. It's like 'Alien' in my stomach. I bet you can smell it through the phone."

Nate: "Stop deuce dialing me. I don't want to picture you shitting. Ever."

Jake: "Stop answering my calls after we get Mexican food..."
#deuce #shit #dial #phone #text #poop #cell
by Fictitious Pulp May 29, 2011
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