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v. 1. To drive or ride in a vehicle with the windows down and the heat all the way up, regardless of the outside temperature. 2. To turn the heat on in a vehicle with its windows down, rather than roll up the windows.
We were old mannin' it up on the highway last night. It was like my face was in Alaska and my legs were in Arizona.
by Fick Dich November 25, 2006
1. n. A prank in which the prankster drives around quiet streets and shouts "NICE BALLS!" as loud as possible out the vehicle's window at unsuspecting pedestrians to elicit a reaction, usually one of shock or confusion. Traditionally two people participate, one shouter and one spotter. The spotter designates targets for the shouter. The driver can be either the shouter or the spotter.

niceballer, n. One who participates in niceball.

2. v. niceballs, niceballed, niceballing. To prank an unsuspecting pedestrian in this manner.
How 'bout a game of niceball?

One guy we niceballed ducked and covered like it was a drive-by shooting.
by Fick Dich March 09, 2009
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