1 definition by Ferret Overlord

1)Maddox- Owner of the Best Page in the Universe. Hates people who can't spell, think, or are just total fucktards.

2)Maddox- The essential equivalent to Che Guevera, except in Pirate form.
""LOL MADDOX U SUC LOLZ U FAG GET A LIF THAT TING INM'T REAL!!!21!!#12" "The amount of work it must take to move your pinky those painful 5/8s of an inch is astounding. Fuck off."

"Maddox had to pay for some birth prevention pills for my bitchy neighbors because I zapped them in the crotch with a stun gun too many times."

"Oh, that's just Maddox, off to liberate Bolivia from shitfaced fuckers who can't type."
by Ferret Overlord March 16, 2006

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