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5 definitions by Ferdinand Trussoff

500 days is a typical term for a guy/girl relationship. Came in use after "500 Days of Summer" movie.
- You're dating him almost a year! Do you want to marry him or something?

- Gwad, no! He's just another 500 guy.
by Ferdinand Trussoff October 12, 2009
a person who after seeing The Social Network, a Facebook film by David Fincher, creates his own website to become a billionaire too.
#1 Hey, have you seen FACELOOK, the site a guy from next dorm created? It's cool, man.

#2 Nah, I'm not interested in what another Social Netdork invented.
by Ferdinand Trussoff October 29, 2010
FTA = Fuck Them All.
- What the fuck FTA means?
- Fuck Them All! Didn't you know. Fuck all this fucking world with all them fucking people. FTA!!!
by Ferdinand Trussoff August 04, 2007
Best Song Ever
- Who gon run this town tonight?
- We are!
by Ferdinand Trussoff September 15, 2009
Cool way of saying "The Social Network", a Facebook movie by David Fincher.
#1 Hey, let's check out Network t'night.
#2 I heard it sucks. Bad.
#1 Stop hangout with morons. It's a good movie.
by Ferdinand Trussoff October 26, 2010