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What you tell a friend when you want to let him know you just took a dump. Inspired by the phrase as used by Jim Cramer of CNBC's Mad Money.
Friend 1: Hey guy, what's going on with you?

Friend 2: BOO YAH JIM!!!

Friend 1: I bet that was a relief.
by Fer Serial July 19, 2009
A gay dude, typically so flaming that he is obnoxious & annoying or just funny to observe.
Why did we go to this restaurant? It's crawling with shoemakers.

Look at that shoemaker over there in the fur vest & white leather shoes.

That dude's outfit is ridiculous. What a friggin' shoemaker!
by Fer Serial December 30, 2007
A group of girls that are fun to go out dancing with every week, but aren't slutty enough to be a ho train.
question: What are you doing this weekend?

answer: Meeting up with the dance team in the Meatpacking District.
by Fer Serial January 25, 2008

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