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Boylemia -Boyle-mi-a Ner-vo-sa-

a tv talent induced nervous mania - characterised by the incoherent ramlings of middle aged women, often following rejection by wide social groups.
Had Sharon O taken a pill before the show on saturday evening as she was mumbling, could not be understood and had developed strange dance like twitches?

no - its was more likely a case of Boylemia Nervosa. see also Boyles Syndrome
by Feminina Van Bloeman June 01, 2009
after Susan Boyle -

The physical and often sexual attaction to non gender specific persons with both male and female gender traits - to be sexually attracted to Susan Boyle.
Bob - Gee Daddy, mommy SO needs to wax her facial hair.

Dad - yes, she's still cute though.

Bob - Daddy are you a Bobosexual?
by Feminina Van Bloeman June 01, 2009

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