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A cleansing of the body following a negative sexual encounter. Seen often in conjunction with cum horror and/or post-sexual fugue.
yeah, we had sex, but afterwords I had to take a shame shower.
by Felix Mariano Baia October 17, 2006
Typical of situations wherein one is not attracted to a person physically or emotionally, but still partakes in a sexual act due to lust. Upon climax, when the hormonal impulse has been satisfied, one feels an overwhelming feeling of disgust and shame. Cum horror is often followed by post-sexual fugue.
Yeah we had sex, but I got a bad case of cum horror. I wanted to throw-up, so I just went to sleep hoping he wouldn't be there when I woke up.
by Felix Mariano Baia October 17, 2006
The act of fleeing the scene of a negative sexual encounter. Marked by a strong aversion to having contact or communication with the other sexual party. In extreme cases even being in the same vicinity is too much to bear. Often occuring after cum horror. Often leads to shame shower.
Yeah, we had sex. But I had an episode of post-sexual fugue. I snuck out, got in my car, and drove-off like a mad man with a sigh of relief.
by Felix Mariano Baia October 17, 2006
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