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n. One who is a friend, servant, and follower of Jesus Christ.
adj. Having the characteristics and beliefs of a Christian.

Christians are followers of God. Despite what many think, true Christians don't condemn others, but help them with their troubles. We don't diss other religions, but try to show atheists and members of other religions the truth. We don't destroy, we help bring up. But we are not the ones performing miracles, it is the Lord working through each and every one of us.
To be a Christian: Christianity. It's not a religion, it's a RELATIONSHIP.
by FedorableOne November 28, 2010
What you can trade to a moron for anything in the world. Note: Use this method ONLY on morons and idiots! Otherwise, you won't enjoy what you get in return.
Example one: "I gave her a shiny nickel, and she gave me a blowjob!"

Example two: "I gave him a shiny nickel, and he gave me a 20 dollar bill!"

Example three: "I gave him a shiny nickel asking for a 20 dollar bill, and he gave me a blowjob in return. What the hell?"

Example four: "I gave her a shiny nickel asking for a blowjob, and she gave me a kick to the balls. I hope I can still have kids."
by FedorableOne January 08, 2011

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